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Job Summary - Shift Manager, Team Leader, Technician

  • High quality, detailed cleaner. Well organized and efficient. Training will be provided. Must enjoy working independently.
  • Part TIme or Full Time with Benefits. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Shifts
  • Paid Holidays, 401k, Vacation Pay, Health Insurance Available
  • We are an equal opportunity employer. If you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume to

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Castle Services of Ithaca

Key Qualifications

  • Trustworthy, Responsible, and Committed. If you believe in these values and can demonstrate it with past records, then Castle Services of Ithaca is a perfect place for you to practice them.
  • Good Communication Skills. We thrive on building a long term relationship with our customers. If you consider relationship building a high priority, then come and join us.
  • Leadership skills. Our company is growing, and you may have a career here. Let us know your hidden potential, so we can help each other go further.
  • High-quality cleaning experience is a plus, but not required. Training will be provided.

What you can expect?

  • Good working environment including some of Ithaca's most beautiful homes, commercial buildings and businesses.
  • Satisfied customers who will treat you like a friend. Learn your job to become more than you have imagined you could be.
  • Career opportunities. Go above and beyond cleaning.
  • Consistent Work Schedules
  • A Professional Management Team.
Castle Services of Ithaca
Castle Services of Ithaca

Cover Letter Guide

  • Briefly state your motivation.
  • Write a paragraph about trustworthiness, responsibility, commitment, and communication.
  • Provide a short summary about why we should consider hiring you.
  • If you have additional things to tell about your work interests and experience you can include them in a one-page appendix.

Job Application

Scanned document that needs to be added to the join us tab

Please let us know how you heard about open positions at Castle Services. Add a note about your objective for applying for a position.
Technician, Shift Supervisor, Staff Manager
Please clarify what you are applying for: Full Time or Part Time Days or Evenings or Overnights Weekends Regular or Temporary
List any tickets and accidents over the past 5 years.
Please list any physical, emotional or mental impairment that would stop you from doing your job.
Please list any education or training you feel relates to the position applied for that would help you perform the work, such as schools, colleges, degrees, vocational programs and military training.
Job Title: Company Name: Address; Start Date: End Date: Pay Rate: Duties: Reason for leaving:
Job Title: Company Name: Address; Start Date: End Date: Pay Rate: Duties: Reason for leaving:
I have good communication skills and prefer to work with and around people.(Required)
I enjoy working independently and taking charge of my work.(Required)
I am efficient and organized in my work habits.(Required)
I am always on time or early.(Required)
I retain a system of training well and can duplicate it on my own.(Required)
I like change daily, different things to do and often change my routines.(Required)
I am a night owl.(Required)
I like working during the daytime.(Required)
I am strong and can use small machines without difficulty.(Required)
I enjoy quiet and little interaction with people at work.(Required)
I need this job to provide for myself and my family.(Required)
I want the job for extra money.(Required)
I do not mind driving in inclement weather.(Required)
I would not have a problem reporting an issue or concern to my supervisor.(Required)
I am healthy and able to handle a physical labor work routine.(Required)
I have dependable transportation.(Required)
I want an organization to grow with to learn a greater skill set over time.(Required)
I take care of my health and body ny eating and resting sufficiently and have a regular doctor to call on when I am feeling sick.(Required)
I know how to show appreciation and respect toward others both above, equal and below me in age, rank and financial status.(Required)
I make responsible decisions in both my personal life and my work life.(Required)
I am hoping to learn to become very good at what I do at work. One of the best at what I do.(Required)
I like to change jobs routinely to see if I will find something better.(Required)
I understand what a positive attitude at work can bring and also what a negative attitude can bring and I am aware of the effects my attitude will have on others.(Required)
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