We have a small vacation rental on the East side of Cayuga Lake (Ithaca, NY), which we have hired Castle Cleaning to clean and do the transitions between our guests. The quality of their cleaning is excellent, but their real added value is that they prepare the cottage for rental the way that hotel rooms are prepared (beds made, linens washed, paper products replenished, etc...). Essentially they take care of several things that fall under the category of property management which enables me to remotely manage the property from Colorado. They are an invaluable asset to myself and my family and I couldn't recommend them more highly. - Ian Gillespie, Nederland, CO
As a busy mother of four, I am so grateful we found Janie and Castle Cleaners. Janie has been taking care of our home, office and rental properties for close to three years. I knew I had found the right person when the first time she came to our home she told me she sanitizes the kitchen and bathrooms at every visit. Those words are music to a mother's ears! Over the years as our family has grown, I have come to depend on Janie and Castle Cleaners to keep my home clean and inviting. Her attention to detail and careful appointment of everything from toys to delicate glassware shows her respect for our home. My children are always thrilled to find their once-long-lost toys sweetly displayed on our living room coffee table having been rescued by Janie from under couches and tables. She does all of this with a genuine smile as she works around the children and me. I would recommend Janie Seymour and Castle Cleaners to anyone that wants a cleaning service with a caring, personal touch. Thank you Janie! - Adriana Capozzi, Ithaca, NY
I have had the good fortune of working with Castle Cleaning for many years. Janie is honest, fast and efficient. She is always willing to do the little extras that each individual "castle" requires. Whenever I host a luncheon, a dinner or an event, Janie has always managed to sneak in before to make everything sparkle. She is part of my entertainment secret. Everyone I have recommended her to still uses her and has thanked me. - Trudy, Ithaca, NY
Thank you so very much for the lovely flowers, they are so beautiful. You didn't have to do that!! I am getting thanks from my friends for giving them your contact information. I am lucking out in all directions!! I owe you big time because you do such a hard job and make my life easy. - Vandanasa, Ithaca, NY
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