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Ithaca is a small city. We like it that way. Castle Cleaning Company is a small but steadily growing organization. Each employee has first been pre qualified for credibility, honesty and dependability. Once they have met this standard, they go through a quality-training program before working independently on our jobs. Select jobs are then tailored to each trained team member for the best high quality fit for long term service care to our customers.

We cover each employee for State and Federal regulation insurance policies. In addition, they are covered under our Liability policy in the case of an accident. Each employee is also bonded for honesty and has agreed to maintain bond ability throughout their employment with Castle Cleaning Company. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

company philosophy

Castle Cleaning Company's business belief can be captured by three words - Trust, Quality and Commitment

We are a locally owned and privately operated company in Ithaca, NY. Our clients include many of Ithaca's professional community - Cornell University and Ithaca College professors and administrators, physicians, teachers and business owners.

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