We are insured and bonded. Insured for liability. Bonded for honesty. Each employee has been checked for bond ability and trustworthiness. Keys, codes, electronic pass keys are kept in a locked and guarded location at our business office. They are assigned daily and returned to their secure location daily. While you are traveling: Reminding us of any change in service during this time. Letting us know to leave your lights on or to bring in the newspaper helps us to serve you better.

Preparation Before Appointment

We like your pets and we hope they will welcome us. When your pets are "over protective" or are nervous in nature, we would ask that you make a plan for them during the time that we will be at your home. We need to be able to do our job safely. By preparing for us, you allow us to give you a better clean. Organizing personal belongings and clearing surfaces in advance makes for an excellent finish on cleaning day.

Notice to Landlords

Student rentals: You will need to contact us in advance for any commitment. Details must be arranged prior to any starting projects

Lake property rentals: We offer seasonal turnovers. We restock paper and soap products along with our quality cleaning and also do laundry at our business location, to be sure we are in and out quickly for your renters.

Notice to Students

Students, You will need to request your date of cleaning weeks prior to the actual date. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate you with only a few days notice. We will need to be paid up front for our service. You do need to have prepared your living space by clearing surfaces, countertops, floors etc, for our arrival. The more that you do, the more that we can do for you. We want to be able to give you the most for your money and it is true that we know what your landlord is requiring from you.

Hygiene and Environment Protection

Our supplies are cleaned and disinfected after use. We wear disposable gloves. We will not share sponges or other cleaning supplies between jobs. Each day begins with clean, fresh supplies. Our Miele vacuum cleaners have Hepa filtration to keep your air clean while we work. Filters are changed per manufacturer's specifications regularly.

We use standard household cleaning products. We can use both "green" and standard products. Such as: disinfectants, chlorine, vinegar, etc. We supply these for our own use and also to meet OSHA requirements for safety concerns in our company's policy of operation.

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